Booking and Payment

You have chosen Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair and Beauty to be apart of your special day, we are very honored and excited for you!  So what’s next? Once you have understood and agreed to the Terms & Conditions a non-refundable deposit of $100 for Bridal Bookings and $30 for Special occasion/Event makeup is required to secure your booking via bank transfer. Once the payment is received we will email an updated invoice stating your deposit and booking confirmation. The remaining balance of your package is due in cash on the day of the wedding or event.


  • If your appointment is booked at my home studio please arrive on time, If you are late time will be deducted.
  • Allow 1 hour minimum for each makeup service
  • We will advise and guide you through a timeline for your wedding day.
  • Please attend your appointment with clean, makeup free skin.
  • It is preferred to have all facial waxing done one week prior to your makeup appointment.
  • Please wear a loose, low cut top/dress to ensure that the foundation can be matched perfectly and to also ensure that the makeup wont be compromised when changing into your event outfit.
  • Travel, parking, toll fee may be charged. You will be advised of this once the required location of your event has been confirmed

Cancellations / Changes

  • In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, a minimum 7 days is required so your appointment can be rescheduled, otherwise your deposit will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • Any reductions in the booked number of people for your wedding will still need to be paid for in full, if less than 2 months notice is given.
  •  Please notify Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Beauty of any location changes as soon as possible. This may change your quote due to travel fees. An emended quote will then be issued and is to be paid according to the payment terms above

Allergies/ Illness

  • You must notify Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Beauty of any allergies to any products or ingredients, you or any of the bridal party may have. This includes severely dry or sensitive skin. Clients agree to release Kim Kindrat & her team from liability in the case a skin concern arises after makeup application.
  • Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Beauty use only high quality professional brands
  • Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Beauty brushes and kit are always sanitised and kept at a professional standard.
  • If you are sick or contagious on the day of your trial, you will inform Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Beauty your booking can be rescheduled.
  • If you are sick on the day of the wedding/event you will notify me so that precautions can be taken (mask, gloves etc.)
  • You are obligated to inform me if you or anyone in your bridal party has a contagious illness/condition. This includes but is not limited to conjunctivitis, cold sores, cold, flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, shingles, open cuts/sores, ringworm/fungal infections (above the chest). This is so that I can take precautions to protect my health and the hygiene of my brushes & kit, by using disposable brushes/sponges/gloves etc.
  • If I am sick or contagious on the day of your trial, I will call you and reschedule to prevent you from getting sick.
  • In the unlikely event that I am extremely sick, hospitalised or unable to work on your wedding/event due to extreme, unforeseen tragic circumstances, I will do my best to organise another artist with an equivalent skill level. If I am sick, I will take precautions (mask/gloves etc).

Videography & Photographs

  •   Kim Kindrat Makeup Artistry Hair & Makeup reserves the right to take photographs/record the makeup application process upon consent provided by the client. Such photography may be used for social media and/or promotional purposes.